Introduction to the Retail Partner Program

Stores that join the Aquarium Co-Op Retail Partner Program (RPP) receive many benefits. Rather than offering every product under the sun, we have curated a collection of quality products that have been thoroughly tested and/or developed by Aquarium Co-Op. Because of our social media presence and continual marketing of these products, we can help you attract both new customers and existing customers that have ordered Aquarium Co-Op products online. Below are some additional benefits that we make available to our retail store partners:

  • Listing of your store on our Retail Partner Store Finder page
  • Social media promotion of your store's participation in RPP on the Aquarium Co-Op Facebook page
  • Ability to offer exclusive products that other retailers do not have access to, such as the highly reviewed Easy Green plant fertilizer
  • Same wholesale pricing structure among all Retail Partner stores so that you don't have to worry about or other competitors undercutting your prices. Only Aquarium Co-Op sells online in the United States and April's Aquarium sells online in Canada. 
  • Super fast shipping so that you don't have to hold as much inventory on hand at time
  • Support from Aquarium Co-Op customer service and our hassle-free warranty policy
  • Access to educational videos that we have created only for RPP stores to help you become more profitable and improve your offerings
  • Promotional items such as in-store signage and point of sale (POS) material
  • Continual product marketing from Aquarium Co-Op
RPP sign (no cord) Easy Green - lifestyle shot Aquarium Co-Op wall of tanks
D-N-D Pet Shop - square
D-N-D Pet Shop
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GroFin Aquatics
The Waterfront
The Waterfront

RPP Customer Testimonials

360 Aquatics
360 Aquatic logo

"The Aquarium Co-Op Retail Partner Program has helped bring more customers into the store, which has helped our sales increase. We have been impressed with the processing time and follow-up when orders are placed. The business education videos have also been helpful. Our customers love seeing the Aquarium Co-Op products in person, as it gives them a chance to see the quality, which they are not able to online."

— Dan N., Owner

April’s Aquarium
April's Aquarium logo

"Overall, the Retail Partner Program has been a very positive experience. We are delighted and still excited after 4 months to be a part of the success and ambitions of Aquarium Co-Op. The program brings with it a unique angle of positive reinforcement to our team and our customers through the significant marketing efforts of Aquarium Co-Op. The ordering process is easy, and the order fulfillment has been 100% accurate. The great products that we get from Aquarium Co-Op, combined with the excellent support and service makes them better than other suppliers in the wholesale aquatic business.

The amount of accessible education and information is also very helpful. The Retail Partner Program videos help us get our creative juices flowing and gives interesting and meaningful insight into the aquarium small business model. The best part about the program is that it makes our customers happy, which is most important to us. They see good value for quality products, and we have also found that it sparks positive interactions with our customers."

— Darrin S., Principal

Nature Aquariums
Nature Aquariums - square logo

"The Aquarium Co-Op Retail Partner Program has been very positive for our store. It has brought us new customers through the door, asking for products that they have seen on YouTube. We have also been successful introducing the products to new customers. The program allows us to carry quality products at a competitive price point. The Aquarium Co-Op team are super fast at fulfilling orders, and we have yet to experience a short order. The email support is outstanding! We have also found the educational videos to be extremely relevant and useful. I fully encourage an aquarium store to embrace Aquarium Co-Op products. Even though they have a retail store, do not view it as competition but rather as a brand that fully understands retail. Their wholesale fulfillment is best in class, as is their warranty support.

One thing I will say is that the more products you carry, the better off you will be. Train your staff on the right use of the products and use them at your store. That is what customers want to see. Build trust by having confidence in the products by using them on a daily basis. Role play with your team to make sure they are pitching them right. Loyal customers to the Aquarium Co-Op brand become more loyal to your store because they see you supporting a brand they love."

— Henry T., Owner

Twin Cities Guppies
Twin Cities Guppies - square logo

"The Aquarium Co-Op Retail Partner Program has impacted our store tremendously. We have customers coming in daily looking for products that we get from Aquarium Co-Op, and they choose to make other purchases as well while they are in our store. We have been able to get more customers into our store and double our sales. Our customers are thrilled that we carry Aquarium Co-Op products. They love the convenience of walking in to the store and being able to get it the same day.

Our experience with order fulfillment has been great! We can place our orders in the morning and usually receive a confirmation email that same day that our order has been packed and shipped. Aquarium Co-Op’s customer service is second-to-none. Aquarium Co-Op always makes things right if there is an issue with anything. We always receive a prompt response if we have questions. The Business Education videos help us so much. They have given us a lot of ideas on how we can bring in more customers, as well as how to run our business more efficiently. When we get stuck on what to do next for our business, we always go back and watch the Business Education videos."

— Keng L., Co-owner

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