Online Games on our Smartphones

Today, we hold a world of possibilities right in our pockets. Our smartphones, handheld devices, give us the power to do whatever we want – be it read our emails, shop online, organise our calendars and even order a takeaway. Our smartphones are basically a computer in our pockets, and just like you can use your computer or laptop to play online games, you can do the same with your smartphone to keep you entertained.

Game designers, who started off designing games to be played online via laptop or desktop computer, have quickly realised that a whole new market has emerged with the release of portable devices such as tablets and smartphones which can connect to the internet. They have wasted no time in starting to cater to this new market. This affordable technology means that online games can potentially reach a much wider audience through mobile device applications and online games which can be played on smartphones.

Making online games accessible to smartphone users is a shrewd move from the designers – just looking at the numbers can quickly show you that. Projections show that, in 2018 alone, 2.53 billion people will have access to smartphones on a daily basis. Furthermore, this number is expected to increase to a whopping 2.87 billion users by 2020 – that’s almost half the world population! There is also a huge range of smartphone games on the market, many being purely for leisure and entertainment, but there are even educational games out there.

Online games that can be played on smartphones are just the same as those which can be played on other computers. Players can choose whatever game suits their fancy, customise settings to meet their own personal needs and bet and win in the very same way you would play other online games. The only difference is that with a smartphone, you can do this anywhere in the world, rather than only in your living room!