2024 is here, and the fitness landscape is pumping with change! ️‍As the way we live, work, and play in healthy ways continues to evolve, the demand for adaptable and innovative exercise spaces is skyrocketing. From sleek hotel gyms to cutting-edge corporate wellness centers, fitness operators are gearing up for a major transformation. Let’s dive into how they’re revamping their facilities to keep up with our ever-changing needs.

Fueling the Wellness Revolution

In the quest for holistic well-being, consumers are craving workouts that not only sculpt their bodies but also contribute to overall health. Nearly 30% of fitness enthusiasts are now driven by the desire to lead long and healthy lives, with over a third engaging in strength training for the explicit purpose of longevity. The shift towards strength-based training is evident, bringing with it a myriad of benefits, from enhanced mobility and flexibility to improved cognitive function and reduced risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Beyond strength training, consumers are seeking balance in their fitness routines. Low-intensity activities like walking, Pilates, and light jogging are now part of over three-quarters of fitness regimens, with 43% incorporating high-intensity workouts. The key to success in 2024 for facility operators lies in acknowledging and supporting this diverse range of modalities.

Evolve Your Gym Design

A strategic floor plan is your gateway to success. Prioritize high-demand areas by creating dedicated spaces for strength-based training, optimizing open areas with functional training equipment, and reconsidering the cardio landscape. Consider quality, user-friendly equipment like the GYM RAX® FORMA™ Strength line, and watch as the fitness experience becomes more versatile and engaging.

strength equipment fitness trends for 2024

Step Into the Outdoors

Outdoor workouts remain a preferred fitness method among 65% of active adults in 2023, and this trend is set to continue. Incorporating an accessible outdoor component within your indoor space is a cost-effective strategy to broaden your offerings. Think beyond the walls and seize the opportunity to diversify your workout experiences with outdoor fitness equipment.

Design with Passion and Purpose

Invest in gym design that aligns with user expectations. Craft spaces that offer not just exercise but an immersive training experience, fostering socialization and fun. More than a third of consumers are likely to choose wellness businesses that are well known for their community-building activities. Consider designated areas for group fitness, spaces for mindful movement practices, and comfortable zones for relaxation and community-building. Integrate technology seamlessly, providing on-demand fitness classes and digital exercise guidance to keep your clientele engaged.

group of people working out together at the gym

Prioritize Recovery for Total Well-Being

Nearly half of Americans highlight the importance of stretching and restorative movement. Dedicate a recovery zone within your facility, equipped with tools like vibration therapy, Hyperice percussive massagers and cold plunge baths. Prioritizing recovery is not just a trend but a necessity for user well-being and injury prevention.

The Power of Digital Integration

The future of fitness lies in digital integration. Fitness apps are projected to reach 1 billion users by 2028, indicating a growing demand for convenient, personalized, and engaging fitness experiences. Explore solutions like Xponential+ Functional Fitness for modular studio formats and AktivTV for on-demand workouts, on-the-wall digital guidance, and live class support, ensuring your space is future-ready and user-friendly.

Elevate in 2024

Craft an experience-driven fitness space that checks all the boxes – exercise, social interaction, comfort, and engagement. As you welcome 2024, ensure your facility is not just a gym but a community hub for wellness. Contact Aktiv Solutions today to elevate your space into a fitness environment that attracts and retains clients in the year ahead.