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The Xponential+ Training Bay is an immersive functional training system that integrates thousands of Xponential+ on-demand classes, tailored fitness equipment, and guided flooring.

Xponential+ Training Bays offer a nearly unlimited variety of classes helping facilities keep pace with the high-demand for boutique training experiences. Featuring leading instructors from the most widely recognized studios, Xponential+ Bays are modular in design and can expand from a single station to a complete training wall.


An immersive personal training experience occupying the same space as a single treadmill.


Choose from live and on-demand classes from brands including Club Pilates®, Rumble, Pure Barre®, StretchLab, YogaSix, Row House, and STRIDE®.


The most popular exercise genres and daily updated: An endless array of exercise fun.

Aktiv’s proprietary Gym Rax® functional training bays now incorporates thousands of sought after Xponential+ on-demand classes creating endless workout variety for every guest. Create training pods for open use or by reservation.

A commercial gradeprotective casing and touch-screen display built to withstand the rigors of any training environment.* Creates a seamless connection with any personal mobile device without the need to pair headphones or heart rate monitors! * Includes all the fitness equipment needed to support an endless variety of workout experiences. * The Xponential+ soft-surface training matensures safety duringexercise and a defined area for personal space.

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