Exercise recovery is an essential component of wellness, and Aktiv’s facility design process smartly incorporates these emerging modalities. We’re guiding fitness facility operators and home gym enthusiasts alike in their quest to expand the wellness space.

Aktiv has partnered with PLUNGE to bring cold water recovery treatments to fitness facilities of all types. PLUNGE engineered tubs offer water temperatures as low as 39° on-demand, and without the need for ice supplementation. Wellness based facilities are harnessing the incredible health benefits of cold exposure for their clients year-round.

Aktiv and HYPERICE® have created the Recovery Bay, combining smart storage and recovery tools designed to help you move better. Recovery Bays are modular in design and facilitate an evolution in restorative training experience.

  • Smart Storage
  • Hyperice® Technology
  • Integrated Charging
Two Aktiv Recovery Bays in amenity space
  • Hyperice Hypervolt bluetooth connectivity massage therapy percussion with Aktiv Solutions

    Hyperice – Hypervolt with Bluetooth®

  • Hyperice – Hypervolt Plus with Bluetooth®

  • Hyperice – Hypersphere Mini

  • Hyperice – Hypersphere

  • Hyperice Vyper 2.0 Black





Benefits to Adding Recovery Offerings at Your Facility

Differentiation and Competitive Edge

A designated area for exercise recovery will enhance your facility’s balance and offering while attracting a new and broader range of health-conscious individuals.

Member Satisfaction and Retention

A well-equipped recovery space will increase member satisfaction, leading to increased retention rates and positive promotion.

Enhanced Member Wellbeing

A well designed recovery space demonstrates your facility’s commitment to member well-being, encouraging a holistic approach to fitness and health.

Increased Workout Frequency

Knowing they have a space to recover and rejuvenate, members may be more inclined to visit the facility regularly, boosting their facility loyalty.

Attract New Members

Fitness enthusiasts today prioritize recovery techniques as an essential component of their training regime.

Support for All Fitness Levels

A recovery space caters to all fitness levels, making the facility more inclusive and welcoming to individuals of different abilities.

Let us help you plan for and design your recovery space.
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