Where Function Meets Fitness Outdoors

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Designed to create an elevated training experience outdoors

The latest addition to the Gym Rax® line of Smart Rigging™ solutions, Ecosystem was conceived to meet the growing demand for guided exercise outdoors. Research shows that 85% of people desire greater accessibility to outdoor exercise equipment. Beyond the benefits of physical movement, exercising in nature has been shown to enhance cognitive, emotional, and physical health.

Building a link between nature and exercise innovation

A blank canvas for movement, Ecosystem structures come to life with an endless array of possibilities for engagement. Designated connection points invite additional equipment integration, including suspension training, tethered resistance, and even aerial yoga hammocks. Our patented Freedom® Mount system ensures safe and supremely functional connections every time. Pull up, knee up, kick out—Ecosystem bridging is the ultimate facilitator of outdoor training fun.

Outdoor fitness is one of the most exciting growth areas in the health and wellness marketplace.

59.1% of active adults chose outdoor activities as their go-to way to stay fit.

The number of outdoor participants has grown more than 3% annually in each of the last 3 years.

Exercising with a nature view reduces blood pressure and heart rate, and because of this, exercise with equal intensity feels easier outdoors than indoors.

People who exercise outdoors are more likely to repeat the behavior and for longer periods than people who exercise indoors.

A Guided Tour of Training Possibilities

Download Aktiv’s free mobile app to gain a plethora of exercise guidance and training inspiration. Learn how to interact with the structure and choose from an extensive library of both body weight and accessory-based exercises. Ecosystem bridges create a safe and intentional space to exercise for all ages.

Aktiv exercise app on iphone,

Getting Outdoors

Ecosystem is functional art. It facilitates a unique training solution for residential buildings, corporate and university campuses, public parks, or more simply as an outdoor component for well-appointed health clubs.

Form and function

Designed to create intention and direction for participants outdoors, Ecosystem beautifully identifies the training space. The ground below the bridge remains free and unobstructed for body-weight training and movement in every plane.  The landscape becomes energetic and exudes a natural training realm of endless inspiration and creativity.

Ecosystem half bridge fitness equipment outside a luxury hotel.

Bring it home

Wellness as a lifestyle continues to permeate the personal interests of many. Ecosystem bridging at home can present an endless array of fun and exercise inspiration for the entire family. Let us help you design your dream outdoor activity space.

Creating a stage for wellness and inspiration, Ecosystem defines the outdoor training space like never before.