Software Development and What It Means

Hello and welcome to, the home of all things to do with software development and corresponding technology. For many, software development sounds like a scary phrase, so we are here to alleviate that and make this area seem much less formidable. Catering to experts and beginners alike, we aim to provide detailed information in all areas, enabling those who are both new and old to the field to improve and learn together.So, what is software development exactly? Simply put, it is the process of programming a computer through tests, documenting and problem solving. It also involves the process of writing and maintaining the source code. In simple terms, it covers everything that is involved between the idea of the new program through to its actual creation. Software development therefore contains a wide variety of jobs, including research, modification, engineering maintenance and much more. It is not one single job but a collection of many.Software is created for many different purposes. Most of the time, it is with a specific group or clientele in mind, particularly when it comes to commercial software. In this area, there is a need for high levels of quality control to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the product and therefore keeps using it. As mentioned before, there are always constant improvements to be made.With all this in mind, aims to provide our readers with the latest in ideas and innovations that are surfacing through technology. We will cover the basics of how to begin developing a new software through to the final result. This site will also aim to bring like-minded individuals together, where it is possible to share ideas and thoughts and help each other to expand on our knowledge in this area.